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Project Visitor (Mirror)Projecti Visitor Setup (Win 10)
Project Visitor (Mirror)Projecti Visitor Setup (Win XP/ Win 7)

 System Requirements:
* Windows XP or higher.
* 180MB of free disk space
* 512 MB RAM or more highly recommended.
* DirectX 9 required
* 256MB of Video Memory or higher
* An Internet Service Provider.

DirectX - 9.0c End User Runtime
ProjectVisitor relies on DirectX-9 and many new machines
no longer come with that installed. DX10/DX11 are not
backwards compatible. You may need to install the
DirectX-9.0c runtime for Project Visitor to work properly.
You can download that installer at this link
Microsoft DirectX-9.0c End-User Runtime

Launching Project Visitor after installing client
*Special Note for New Users: Project Visitor is a little different then other games when it comes to launching the game. After you download and install the Project Visitor client, Log into the website and on your member page select a subscription or a free trial.

Afterwards you will see a 'Launch' link on your member profile, select it, will attempt to launch the ProjectVisitor updater (if you get a pop-up for pv.pvl, select open).

The patcher will patch up the game and then launch ProjectVisitor for you. Each time you wish to launch into Project Visitor, you launch from your member page on

Anti-Virus Note
*Note: AVAST users, PV's anti-cheat protection does not work well with AVAST.
If you are running AVAST and have problems you might want to check out, Microsoft Security Essentials
It is free, works great, and works with PV with no issues.


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